Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New discoveries

He just learned to suck the "dummy", (as Geoff calls it) his hands, and realized he can support his head all on his own. Such fun mile stones.

Hadley vs. Smoot



Just Cuz'

Milo is just 7 weeks old and getting ready for his first trip, he thought "stuff a short flight, I wanna take the longest one there is!!" Wish us luck on the 17 hours to Oz.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Church going Milo

Today we took Milo to church for the first time. He did really well. I just love his little Sunday outfit. He is just 5 weeks old and his personality is coming out more and more. I love everything about this little man.

First Day of Church

Just after church...

Geoff has been home a ton. We stay up late and watch movies together and mention to each other a million times how cute Milo is. We have watched all three seasons of Lost these two weeks. Crazy how fast they have gone by.

Geoff is incredibly helpful to me. He cleans, helps with the baby, and just keeps me sane with his amazing company. Geoff leaves now and then for work or to snowboard… I am so jealous about that but happy to have Geoff enjoy the amazing snow. This year there has been so much snow that the city has gone through the entire year’s plowing budget in just the month of January. Sure… just dump ridiculous amounts of powder the one season that I can’t ride. But ohhh my little Milo is so worth it!

I wrote a silly nursery song for Milo the first few nights home. He loves it, he think it’s a hit. I always sing it in a weird voice. Geoff only sings the one line (When you’re awake what do you do) to him. He sings it over and over. Geoff is so much fun. We always giggle together.

Milo’s Funny Little Song

Hello Milo, how are you?
When you’re awake what do you do?
Little Milo I wish you knew…
How much your mom and dad love you.

I wonder what you will be.
We’ll just have to wait and see.
You are our little man,
We’ll do for you whatever we can.

One day you will grow up tall.
But for now you’re very small.
You’re perfect the way you are,
So go to sleep, we won’t be far.