Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My little boy is seriously the best part of every day for me. I am so in love it is kind of silly. Between him and his sexy father I don't know how my heart doesn't explode. It is late... I should be sleeping. I love you all.

Milo is so hot naked

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Even though Annie's little Tatum is 2 and 1/2 months older than Milo... they are the same size. Milo's head is huge! Cousins are so fun. Little Ashley (Jenny's daughter) loves to mother them. She is so darling with her cousins. As you can see, Grandma is so pleased.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Blessing

The Highlight of the trip for me was Milo's baby blessing. It was so wonderful to have my dad and Steve Preece in the prayer circle too. Geoff did the most beautiful job, he blessed that Milo would be the best of friends with his mother.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Down Under

Dad pullin' a Steve Irwin move.
Sexy Beast

Oz has so many amazing animals. We love the Roos. I'm excited to teach Milo all about the amazing little creatures from Down Under.

Trip to Austrialia

The trip to Oz was the best. Although I didn’t get even a slight tan, having to be under the shade with Milo, and I didn’t do as many touristy things as in past trips, I loved this experience so much. I loved it because little Milo got to meet his family in Australia.

Milo did so well on the long flight. I was worried about it but he was amazing. The lady next to us asked us at the end of the flight if he was, “for real”. She said she didn’t even hear him once. I guess I was quick to nurse him if he fussed at all. He slept and just smiled for the few hours he was awake. I didn’t see 100 movies like usual, but I think it went by faster then I imagined. A baby really keeps your focus. When we landed, I actually got butterflies because I was so excited to see our family… and I was nervous too. They greeted us with a Milo tin wrapper cut out and pasted on a poster as if they were our drivers.

I so wish we lived closer to all of the Hadleys, we really miss out not being near. Sometimes I could die when I think how hard it must be for Geoff to be away from them all. It is hard enough for me. He is such a good man for making this sacrifice for me, so that I can be with my family.

Meeting my family

Little Milo got to meet his family in Australia. It was so good to see them all, we had the loveliest time. They went crazy over him and he loved them as well. His little cousins were so sweet and Geoff and I were so thrilled to see other people love our little guy that much. He is so lucky to be half Aussie and to have such incredible people in his life. The Hadleys are the most generous, loving people a person can find. My favorite thing about them is that they love unconditionally. You can't seem to escape their kindness... even living a world away.

Happy Hadley Family