Friday, January 23, 2009

First Time Around The Sun

Milo just turned one on Jan. 22nd. What an amazing year for our little family!!! We can't express how rad we think little Milosh is. He is a "Bloody Legend" as Geoff says. Happy Birthday little man.

Milo started his day his favorite way. He had a bath and then played with his beloved blocks.

We all enjoyed the food (thanks Jen for helping me)

Practiced walking with uncle Joey, and was obviously so proud of himself

Enjoyed his Pool Ball birthday "cup"cakes that Jenny and I made with the help of Rachel, Robbie, and Linny. We made them since my parents just got a new pool table and we encouraged everyone to play a couple of games.

Ate his birthday "cup"cake

Opened presents

He loved on his family.

He ended his day with a messy dinner on grandma's tiled floor. What a wonderful boy and a wonderful first year. We love you sweetness.


Milo just started walking a day or two before his 1st birthday. We were so excited for this walking event, but not as stoked as he was.

First Chrissie

Milo's first Christmas was simple but perfect. We slept over at my parent's new home and got to spend quality time with the fam. For some reason I just loved these shots of him... so silly with that cheesy grin.