Friday, January 28, 2011


It has been ages since I posted last. For one, because I have been so busy with work and the two boys, but also because I have been writing on my other blog

I don't have a lot of time but I do like to post every now and then. I am not sure that anyone reads my posts but I know it is a good way to "journal" about our lives and what we are doing. I often just post photos because I love to share them with my family who lives all over the world.

Milo just had his 3rd birthday (will post photos soon) and Mason is now over a year old. Geoff and I just pour over our little men and think they are the most fun people to be with on the planet. They are "best mates" as Milo says and are so fun to giggle with.

The other day Milo and him had to get their vaccinations. We told Milo about the "shots" so that he would not have it take him off guard. After ward in the parking lot, still crying, he asked me in the saddest little boy voice ever, "Momma- why did that mean lady SHOOT me?" I thought it was too funny... Poor little guy-

I wish I could record every single moment of their awesomeness. Thank goodness for IPhones cause we do get to capture a lot of their fun moments. I will be better about posting stuff- forgive me.


Katie Pettey said...

Yeah! A post!! I love all of your pictures. You are a family of models. Good grief.
Nash recently had his 3 yr old check up with vaccinations. When it was time for his shots I started to pull his pants down so the nurse could get to his thigh. He shouted, "No, not in my penis!" I don't think a 3 yr old has ever been so relieved to get shots in the leg.
Your boys are dolls. Hope we see you soon.

Robyn and Clint said...

I'm so glad you posted! I love seeing your family cuz I haven't seen you since soccer at UV!! You all are so cute! So keep posting!

Courtney said...

Your family is so stinking cute! What handsome men you are surrounded by!

Alyssa/Jo said...

Beautiful photos. You guys are so good looking that there isn't a way to take a bad picture. I love the perception of little kids. It can be the cutest thing. Love ya!